Optional Make-up Essay and the Last Seminar

Essay rewrite:

If you want to do an essay rewrite and have a higher grade replace the original grade, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days for this.  I recommend this for borderline grades.  If you are “solidly” placed, it may not work for you.  The difference, for example, between a B and a B+ is 87%.  Seminars usually have a positive impact on most people’s grades, no matter where they are.  A little extra credit may also be helpful.

Here are your options:

If you got a grade below a 7, you will rewrite your Censorship essay.

If you got a grade of 7 or higher on the censorship, you will rewrite the Beauty essay.

If neither of these options work for you and you really want to do this assignment, please see me.  I have to limit the options for efficient grading.


The last seminar for 5th and 6th will be held during finals, not on Thursday.


We will still have time for extra-credit for those who want it.  Two extra credits are approximately 3% of your grade.  I usually see peoples’ scores going up 2 whole points, for example from an 86% to 88%.


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