Extra Credit, Seminars, etc.

Next week is extra-credit week.  You may come to recite during 0 period.  I will take up to 10 people on a regular day and 15 people on Thursday block (which is on Tuesday . . . don’t ask).  You may also recite Tuesday after school.

Use the comments section below to “sign-up.”  Just write which day you would like to come and your name.  For example:  Tuesday.  Marei.  If you see that there are already 10 people for a particular day (except for Tuesday which is secretly Thursday), choose a different day.

There will be two more seminar days:  Monday and Thursday.

Tuesday/Wednesday block will be optional essay re-write day.  Which essays are eligible is to be announced.

If any of this confuses you, see my comments below.


65 thoughts on “Extra Credit, Seminars, etc.

  1. Monday and Thursday: 10 people
    Wednesday after 8:30: 10 people
    Tuesday (formerly Thursday block): 15 people.
    Tuesday after school: 15 people.

      1. I’m not sure what that is. I will re-comment and you can delete the original one.

  2. People didn’t specify morning or after school on Tuesday, so if there are not slots on Tuesday after school I would like to go Tuesday before school!

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