It’s Time for Extra-Credit!

Extra-credit is 2-3% of your grade.   Here are some memorization opportunities. When you come to recite your paragraph, bring a copy of it for me so I can follow along.  We will begin next week during 0 period on Monday.  There will be no lunch recitation.  Also, there will be one more chance for extra-credit on the day of the final.  Please come in to sign up.

Sight into Insight:  Paragraph 15

Sight into Insight:  Paragraph 21

Advice to Youth:  Paragraphs 2 and 3

The following are excerpts to be found in the section called ALBUM OF STYLES in the Norton Reader.

Sowers and Reapers:  Page 491

I Have a Dream:  Page 487

A Farewell to Arms:  Page 486-487

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman:  Page 481, last paragraph

To Write Well:  Page 478, the last section beginning with “Besides, as it is fit for grown . . .”


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