Language and Identity & Homework Grades

Language and Identity


I will be grading your AP Practice essays on Monday and Tuesday.  During this time you will be preparing and/or completing the Language and Identity assignment.  Expect to write about this on Wednesday or Thursday.  It’s important that the assignments be complete and that you have reviewed the passages.

These are the assignments that need to be completed.

Language and Identity:  This was identifying quotations relating to language and power and identity.  Also, there should be some commentary in the first box with some thoughts as to how your quotations relate to language identity and power.

Language and Identity II:  Same as the previous assignment.

Language Identity:  Identifying the main argument and showing the relationship between sources.

These assignments will be turned in on the day of the essay (Wednesday or Thursday).  You will have both Monday and Tuesday to review the texts and complete the assignments.

All three handouts can be found in the handout basket (closest to the whiteboard)–in case  you don’t have them, though we have worked on all three.  Make sure you have these handouts on block day.


The reading list is here.

Homework Grade

We have had few homework handouts this semester and if you are missing even one assignment it will affect your grade negatively.  You should check to see if you have missing work.  If you are missing a single assignment because you forgot to give it to me, just turn it in, or check in the out basket to see if it’s there.  We have actually done most of these assignments in class, so there isn’t much excuse for not turning them in.  There are a few assignments with no name in the out-basket (in front of the bookcase).

If you are someone who just generally doesn’t do much homework, you can still turn in the assignment for reduced credit.

Regardless of your homework “profile,” I will need the work by Monday on my desk (I won’t be there, but I will have a folder on my desk where you can put it). Once I turn homework assignments back, I will not accept anymore assignments.



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